Ochsner Health Network Earns Top-Tier Ranking from Blue Cross

Ochner Cs Logo 2 300x209NEW ORLEANS  – From Ochsner Health:

Ochsner Health Network has achieved Tier 5 status in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana’s Quality Blue program for fall 2021. The insurer’s population health and quality improvement program is designed to optimize care delivery for patients who live with chronic conditions. OHN achieved the top-tier ranking based on its performance relative to chronic disease care goals. It earned high scores across categories, including Hypertension, Optimal Diabetes Care, Optimal Vascular Care, and Optimal Chronic Kidney Disease Care.

“Louisiana is one of the least healthy states, especially when it comes to chronic diseases. Through Quality Blue and OHN’s model of coordinated care, we are improving outcomes and reducing the likelihood of strokes, heart attacks, and other major life-threatening events,” said Beau Raymond, Ochsner Health Network medical director. “Earning the top Tier 5 rank reflects OHN’s strong collaboration, aptitude with digital medicine, and ability to scale best practices. The result is evidence-based clinical and quality improvement.”

In Quality Blue, Blue Cross works closely with OHN and others to improve health outcomes and hold the line on costs. The program is designed to transform the Blue Cross primary care network from an episode-driven, physician-based care delivery model to a team-based care delivery model. It improves the identification and management of chronic diseases that are prevalent and burdensome, while providing practices with the data and resources that enable proactive, efficient, high-quality care. Patients benefit from improved care coordination because their doctors have actionable data right at their fingertips to make the most of office visits and promote exceptional health outcomes.

“In Quality Blue, we work more closely than ever with our partners to improve the health and lives of our shared customers – their patients, our members,” said Dr. Jeremy Wigginton, Blue Cross medical director. “Ochsner Health Network’s performance in this program shows what a difference we can make by working together to share data, close gaps in care, boost outcomes and help the patient have a better, easier health care experience.”

Some 59,000 Blue Cross patients receive care through OHN physicians who are part of Quality Blue, representing over 40% of the program’s total Louisiana population. These are patients with Blue Cross insurance who are diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases and have received care from an OHN primary care physician. Within this program, OHN is evaluated as a single entity and compared to peers regardless of size.

“The fact that OHN, the region’s largest CIN, performs so well compared to all others, even single physician offices, speaks to the power of the systems we have in place to ensure collaboration and to deliver value,” said Raymond.

Within OHN’s commercial population, it scored 20 out of 20 possible points (Tier 5) for Optimal Diabetes Care as well as Optimal Chronic Kidney Disease Care. In the Blue Advantage population, OHN scored 20 out of 20 possible points (Tier 5) for Hypertension, Optimal Diabetes Care, and Optimal Vascular Care as well as perfect five out of five scores for hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol medication adherence.

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