Ochsner Health Announces Nursing Scholarships for All Schools

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Ochner Cs Logo 2NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Applications are open for the first class of Ochsner Nurse Scholars. The program will provide 200 scholarships to students across the state. Dedicated to growing the pipeline of nursing and allied health professionals in Louisiana, this scholarship program is a key component of Ochsner’s 10-year vision to transform Louisiana into a healthier state by 2030.

As more seasoned nurses depart the workforce, Ochsner Nurse Scholars offers a tangible solution to growing the nursing workforce in Louisiana. According to the Louisiana State Board of Nursing Center for Nursing, in 2020, 38% of licensed registered nurses (RNs) residing in Louisiana were 50 years and older and 18% were 60 years and older. This trend is mirrored across the United States with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting an average of 175,900 openings for RNs each year over the decade, largely in part to retiring nurses. Potential burnout from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic further amplifies the need to bolster the number of nurses joining the workforce.  

Warner Thomas, president and CEO, Ochsner Health said, “There is a clear and significant need for more nurses to enter the workforce. We are proud to make this investment in the next generation of nurses and recognize how healthcare professionals with deep roots in the communities they serve will contribute to a healthier state for generations to come.”

Aspiring nurses selected for Ochsner Nurse Scholars will receive tuition to earn their nursing degree in exchange for employment with Ochsner Health following graduation. Over the next five years, the program will serve more than a thousand full-time nursing students in Louisiana.

“Nurses are the heart of the healthcare experience. Through Ochsner Nurse Scholars, Ochsner is paving the way to make nursing a more accessible career path by alleviating financial barriers to pursing education. By cultivating a strong bond between aspiring Louisiana nurses and Ochsner, we are further accelerating entry into the profession,” said Tracey Schiro, Executive Vice President, Chief Risk & Human Resources Officer.

Ochsner Nurse Scholars is part of Ochsner’s commitment to invest $15 million over the next 10 years in workforce development programs in partnership with Louisiana’s Community and Technical Colleges (LCTCS) and other eligible university nursing programs to grow the pipeline of nursing and allied health professionals in Louisiana. The investment supports a series of tuition and workforce programs, which collectively are projected to positively impact more than 3,000 students within the first five years.

To learn more about the program and apply visit www.ochsner.org/ochsnerscholars. For questions, email ochsnerscholars@ochsner.org.

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