Nonprofit Launches New Initiative to Increase Flood Protection

Screen shot of SBP's online training program

NEW ORLEANS – National disaster recovery nonprofit SBP is launching a new initiative for businesses in at-risk communities throughout New Orleans, meant to educate business owners and employees about the risks of flooding, and to provide actionable steps to ensure they are adequately protected against future flood hazards. Through free a free online training session, SBP aims to dispel common misconceptions about flooding and homeowner’s insurance coverage, placing heightened emphasis on the value of flood insurance.

Details were shared in a press release.

“Flood insurance is the number one predictor in the length of time it will take a family to recover after disaster,” said SBP co-founder and CEO Zack Rosenburg. “If we can increase flood insurance take-up rates in at-risk communities, that means less dependence on federal assistance and nonprofit rebuilding. It means people suffer less and get home sooner – a benefit for employers.”

The free interactive training is accessible online at and can easily be integrated into an organizations’ existing learning management system. The training is a tool for businesses to increase employee resilience, since a better prepared workforce has the ability return to work sooner with fewer distractions when their needs are met.

“There’s a tangible cost-savings for businesses who invest in preparing employees for disasters,” said SBP chief strategy and innovation officer Reese May. “Flooding is the most common natural disaster, and it can happen practically anywhere. That’s why this training is so important.” 

The online training will complement SBP's resilience and preparedness trainings – enabling the nonprofit to reach many more at-risk homeowners. SBP launched this digital initiative 60 days ahead of the 2019 Hurricane Season so that homeowners have enough time to purchase flood insurance, as it takes 30 days for a flood insurance policy to take effect. 

Organizations interested in implementing this training should contact