Nieux Society’s Mardi Gras NFTs Come with Parade Perks

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'Oak on da Route' is an NFT created by the Nieux Society.

NEW ORLEANS — The Nieux Society, billed as a “global collective exploring Web3 technology in New Orleans,” is incentivizing locals and visitors to become collectors of one-of-kind digital artwork by offering a highly desirable perk: a place to pee during Mardi Gras parades.

Say hello to the Mardi Gras NFT, available for purchase for about $120. Besides being a unique collectible that celebrates New Orleans culture, this “non-fungible token” (more on that later) will also serve as an entry pass to the Nieux Society’s new headquarters on St. Charles Avenue in the Lower Garden District during 2023 Carnival parades. 

Nieux Society co-founder Tim Williamson said the NFT offering is one example of the organization’s efforts to marry Web3 potential with the creative output of New Orleans musicians, artists and other culture bearers. For those still catching up, Web3 is defined by a recent New York Times article as a “new kind of internet service that is built using decentralized blockchains — the shared ledger systems used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.” 

“The Nieux Society is building a global marketplace of people using new technology and digital assets to experience the food, art, music and access to New Orleans culture,” says Williamson. “As Web3 becomes more mainstream, we want to ensure local creators are positioned to benefit.”

Launched in 2022 by Williamson, Lucid founder Patrick Comer, Zach Kupperman and Lindsey Roussel, the Nieux Society hopes to expand money-making opportunities for New Orleans artists via Web3 technology. An eclectic group of advisors includes bounce rapper Big Freedia, internationally renowned author and editor Walter Isaacson, Saints linebacker Demario Davis, Preservation Hall creative director Ben Jaffe and New Orleans real estate maven Tara Hernandez.

All these people have come together try to to harness the power of the internet’s next stage of evolution.

“The current environment feels similar to 1999-2000, where there was a transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, resulting in the emergence of new tech drivers like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, ” said Williamson. “Right now, technology has begun to evolve towards Web3 and our goal is to ensure that New Orleanians are positioned to participate in the next wave of innovation.”

Williamson said that questions about Web3 (What’s a blockchain again? Didn’t cryptocurrency go bust?) will eventually give way to a new paradigm — and new models of profitability for creators. And the Nieux Society wants to help New Orleanians take advantage of the new opportunities.

“Local communities are the next frontier for Web3 and we believe these new tools have the potential to unlock the next wave of creativity and innovation in New Orleans,” he said. “To stay relevant, the Nieux Society collective will experiment with Web3 technology to help our creators capture their value, reach new audiences and generate new revenue.” 

All of which leads to the Mardi Gras NFT — or non-fungible token.

As defined by Business Insider, this is a “digital asset that links ownership to unique physical or digital items, such as works of art, real estate, music or videos.” And, in the case of the Nieux Society offering, the asset also has some real-world uses as well: specifically, it’s a “passport to access the organization’s home base on St. Charles Avenue from Twelfth night to Mardi Gras Day each year.” NFT holders will be able to take advantage of the Nieux Society’s bathrooms, cash bars, restaurant offerings, private lounge, live music, DJ and security. There will also be a private showcase of more of the collective’s Web3 projects.

Nice to see a “nieux” approach to one of the oldest problems in the city. …

How to Buy a Mardi Gras NFT

  1. Create a MetaMask Digital Wallet to purchase and hold your Mardi Gras NFT.
  2. Purchase the Mardi Gras NFT via ETH or credit card here:
  3. For assistance to navigate this new technology: Email for assistance.
  4. Show your Mardi Gras NFT at the Nieux Homebase during Mardi Gras for entry.
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