Nicole P Mackie – P.O.W.E.R.ful Women

Director of Special Events & Social Media, Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Chicken & Waffles


Q: What can you tell us about Ma Momma’s House is home of New Orleans Original Chicken & Waffles? 

Ma Momma’s House is home of New Orleans Original Chicken & Waffles. We have the best fried chicken to the bone, hot mouthwatering cornbread and fluffy waffles. Come let Ma Momma welcome you home & feed yo’ soul. Momma a be wait’in.


Q: When did you launch?

February 2013


Q: How were you inspired to start your business?

After working in corporate America for nearly 25 years and investing my time, energy and sacrificing my health for someone else’s brand, I realized that those sacrifices and my efforts would be a greater reward if I created and invested those same things into the Mackie family brand.


Q: What were the biggest obstacles and how were they overcome?

One of the biggest obstacles I faced is working IN my business instead of working ON my business. In the beginning I often got bogged down with the day to day tasks. When you work IN your business for an extended amount of time, it’s hard to help the business grow. When my business started having financial difficulties, I stepped out of the business to secure and create opportunities, that would allow Ma Momma’s House to make more money and meet our financial obligations. I realized that I am most effective working ON the business rather than IN the business. Another obstacle was knowing when to do what, because no one could do it “quite like me”. Should I wait tables or make business calls. I had to learn how to delegate things I was doing so I could focus on growth. I have implemented standard operating procedures, which is still a work in progress, but we are trending in the right direction.


Q: What local resources have you used?

Fidelity Power Program, Urban League Women in Business; Propeller Growth Accelerator; Good Work Network Connectworks Program; Louisiana Restaurant Association; City of New Orleans NOLA Youth Works; Sojourner Truth; Job 1


Q: What is your big focus right now?

One of my biggest focuses right now is creating new revenue streams, specifically catering and festival revenue. This will help us to increase our earnings and be in position to open a second location.


Q: What is the best advice you ever received?

The best advice I have ever received is taken from Galatian 6:7- Whatever a man is sowing this he too, shall also reap. So I do my very best to treat others with respect, providing outstanding customer service, quality food products at fair prices.


Q: What success have you had in the last year?

2018 Red Bean Madness Champions; Completion of the Propeller Growth Accelerator Program; Becoming and inaugural member of the Fidelity Power Program; Creation and Launch of new jingle/commercial; Being the only vendor @ the Essence Fest w/2 booths




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