Nick Lauve Joins Ownership Team at Courant

NlauveNEW ORLEANS — Courant (formerly Rent-A-Nerd Inc.) has announced that Nick Lauve has joined Darrin Piotrowski as a part owner. Courant was founded in 1997 to provide IT services, including network development and management, business continuity/disaster recovery, cybersecurity and communication solutions.

Lauve joined the company in 1999, when work life meant long hours building computers, solving internet problems and performing on-site repairs.

“That hustle and work ethic was what kept me around and ended up being the foundation that Darrin has built a sustainable business upon,” said Lauve.

Over time, Lauve graduated from building computers to serving as a senior engineer. Now, as part owner, he still pays attention to the details.

“I still get to function as a tech,” he said. “I stay involved in sales, and I still answer the phone — and so does Darrin!”

“Nick is much better at looking at the details, whereas I am better with the big picture,” said Piotrowkski. “I am generally good with ideas, but sometimes I don’t always implement or integrate them properly within the business. This is where Nick excels.”

Lauve lives in Mandeville with his wife Meghan and their son Henry. 

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