New Tourism Marketing adds to Follow Your NOLA campaign

The Jazz Fest tourists have packed up their new t-shirts and boarded their planes. When they get home, they are going to tell their friends about their amazing trip and three new tourism ads will help share that story.

Building on its previous success with the “Follow Your NOLA” campaign, marketing firm 360i has produced three new ads that highlight the culture of New Orleans. Hired by the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation in 2013, 360i has helped raise Nola’s presence as a travel destination — the campaign has received more than 600 million impressions since its launch.

The company has already created a dynamic website where tourists can handcraft their ideal visit to New Orleans.  Do yourself a favor, local or tourist, and click here to “Create Your NOLA.” The interactive tool can help locals discover a new restaurant on the other side of town, or help tourists realize how much there is to do outside of the Quarter.

This new push in the campaign stresses, “Everyone’s NOLA is different. Follow yours.” In each of the three TV spots, the voiceover script is identical, but the experiences being narrated take place at different locations and are portrayed by the same actors playing different characters.

Featuring “The Night Owl,” “The High Life” and “The Family,” each shows a “taste of the real New Orleans” and demonstrates how varied a trip to New Orleans can be.

The Night Owl plays up the bar, live music and street life scene in New Orleans. The High Life shows the swankier side of things with more emphasis on food. The Family highlights family-friendly activities like riding the streetcar and visiting Audubon Zoo. The ads are best viewed one after the other to get the full effect.

Each ad can be viewed directly on the website and then you can click a link to see each of the sides of the city portrayed in the ads with the interactive maps and lists of places that were either featured in the ad or provide an experience in-line with the theme for that traveler.

A stand out component each ad shares is a local character who suggests they do “this alligator thing.” Of course each “thing” is different based on the theme of that specific spot, but it encourages tourists to ask locals for ideas of what to do when visiting, which is one of the best paths to discovery when you travel.

With a focus in 35 target markets, the new TV spots will definitely create additional buzz for New Orleans as a vacation destination. 



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