New Study Says Louisiana Has One Of The Highest Wage Disparities In U.S.


NEW ORLEANS — The latest study from Commercial Café looks at wage disparities across the U.S. They propose a different view on the much-discussed subject, namely looking at the gap between the highest- and lowest-earning professions in all 50 states and the top 50 major U.S. metro areas, instead of considering income per household. In this study, Louisiana ranks sixth in the country, with a disparity rate of 94 percent.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Louisiana ranks sixth in the country, with a disparity rate of 94 percent, as anesthesiologists here earn $266,140 more than waiters and waitresses. The latter make only $18,370 a year;
  • Surprisingly, New York isn’t one of the 30 states with the most pronounced wage inequality. Instead, Alabama takes first place with a difference of $271,360 between highest and lowest earners, followed closely by Florida and Maine;
  • Healthcare practitioners are undoubtedly the winners in today’s labor market, having the highest wages in all of the 50 states;
  • However, healthcare support makes $31,310 a year, receiving one of the lowest wages among all professional categories, while managers make 283 percent more;
  • Personal care and service workers still make only $27,270 a year, despite a 10 percent rise in income since 2013.

Read the complete study here.

– by Alexa Renée Harrison, associate news editor

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