New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute Hosts Conference to Discuss Sustainability: A Dialogue on Policy, Economics, and Leadership

NEW ORLEANS, La. − The New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute (NORLI) recently announced its first annual Fusion conference, a full-day event devoted to converging thought leaders from around the region and state, to discuss and engage in the issues that impact the prosperity of the Greater New Orleans region. This year’s conference, titled “Sustainability: A Dialogue on Policy, Economics, and Leadership,” features national level speakers and subject matter experts, as well as state and local officials, economic developers, energy experts, and public and private sector leaders.  

“When we sat down to discuss what this year’s topic would be, it became apparent that through the intersection of traditional energy, environmental concerns, emerging industries, and policy development, we could bridge perspectives and strategically unravel what are increasingly complex discussions for our region and state," said Stephen Reuther, the executive director of NORLI. "To examine what’s been done, to depoliticize conversations around climate change and sustainability, and to further unpack our opportunities for adaptation and innovation will put us in the vanguard for smart policy and responsible community development.” 

Fusion, which is scheduled for Thursday, Nov.1, at the Pan American Conference Center in Downtown New Orleans, includes several notable speakers such as Bob Perciasepe, president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and former deputy administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);  Judi Greenwald, inaugural fellow for Princeton University’s Center for Energy and the Environment, and former deputy director for Climate, Environment, and Energy Efficiency in the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis. State and local speakers include Flozell Daniels, executive director of the Foundation for Louisiana; Michael Olivier, CEO of the Committee of 100; Royce Duplessis, state representative for District 93; August Creppel, principal chief of the United Houma Nation; Chuck Brown, secretary of Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality; Bill Abler, VP of Commercial Development & Innovation with Entergy Corporation; and Michael Hecht, president and CEO of GNO Inc.; plus many others. 

Patty Riddlebarger, the vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility for Entergy Corporation and vice-chair of NORLI, expressed her enthusiasm for the program and its powerful lineup of speakers.

“As the first U.S. utility to voluntarily stabilize our greenhouse gas emissions at 20% below 2000 levels, Entergy has long been a leader in providing clean and affordable energy while addressing the challenge that climate change poses for the future,” said Riddlebarger. "The Fusion conference provides an excellent opportunity for leaders across the region to hear from leading experts and engage in thoughtful dialogue about sustainability, resilience, and preserving the natural beauty and vitality of the region for generations to come.”

For more information or to register for FUSION, visit or visit NORLI’s website at  

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