New Orleans Recognized in Best for the Money Colleges for International Students Ranking

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NEW ORLEANS (College Factual) – A 2019 analysis by College Factual found the New Orleans area to be a great location for international students looking to get a top-quality education at an affordable school.

Students love the area because they can get a great education while meeting other undergraduates from all over the world.

When trying to find a U.S. college to attend, international students have to take all costs into account. In addition to tuition and fees, they have to pay for travel and room and board, but they typically aren’t eligible for financial assistance. This makes finding schools that offer the best value for the dollar all the more important.

The international student isn’t the only one who benefits. With international students paying full tuition, many schools are able to offer discounts to local students. Also, local businesses benefit since these students spend money on books, supplies, lodging, food, and other items.

According to recent census data, New Orleans has an approximate population of 393,292 people. Around 5.8-percent of the city was born outside the U.S. Roughly 66.4-percent of the city’s residents are minorities.

About 63-percent of the local population has had at least some college, while 36-percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Median income in the area is $24,787 a year.

College Factual created its 2019 Best Value Colleges for International Students ranking to help students identify those colleges and universities that will provide them with a high-quality education and a multicultural college experience. More than 3,000 universities were evaluated to determine these rankings.

University of New Orleans is ranked #168 in the country and #2 in the state of Louisiana. UNO is home to about 6,500 undergraduates every year. The school has a student loan default rate of 8.7 percent.

Around 290 undergraduates at the school are international students.

Around 81 countries are represented at UNO with the most popular being India, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal.

Xavier University of Louisiana is ranked #309.
Loyola University New Orleans is ranked #744.
Southern University at New Orleans is ranked #921.
Dillard University is ranked #930.
Tulane University of Louisiana is ranked #1151.

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