New Orleans Public Library Foundation Releases 2016 Progress, Accomplishments

NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Public Library Foundation (NOPLF) is a nonprofit organization created with the purpose of supporting the New Orleans Public Library System (NOPLS.) 

         The Foundation appointed an entirely new Board of Directors in July of 2015. In 2016, the new Board confected a comprehensive memorandum of understanding with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra for the repayment of funds authorized by the previous board, conducted a comprehensive audit of the organization's finances and standard operating procedures, implemented a long-range strategic plan, and supported literacy projects citywide through the New Orleans Public Library System (NOPLS) and the New Orleans YMCA.

         Thanks to the resources provided by the New Orleans Public Library Foundation, the library system was able to host more than 20 career workshops for local job seekers, two financial literacy classes for more than 60 citizens, and the summer reading series that engaged more than 10,000 New Orleanians, Foundation reps said.

         The Foundation also supported the efforts of the New Orleans YMCA's YES program which enabled the YMCA to expand its literacy service offerings in the New Orleans East community and hire a part-time computer skills instructor who helped walk-in patrons with basic computer skills, resume skills and online job searches.

         In addition to providing funding to worthy organizations that further literacy efforts for the citizens of New Orleans, the Board also announced the collection of the first installment payment from the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra in the repayment of previously disbursed funds. This was possible as a result of the hard and diligent work of the Boards of both organizations, Foundation reps said. The first installment payment was received Dec. 20, 2016, a full three weeks before the agreed upon first payment date. This early first payment is very encouraging, and the Library Foundation extends its thanks to the board of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. 

         “We have taken the first critical step in rebuilding our ability to support the library's programs and our citizens and regaining the trust and goodwill of the community,” Bob Brown, president of the Library Foundation, said. “This flows directly from the hard work, courage and diligence of the board of directors.”

         Moving into 2017, Foundation reps said the NOPLF remains focused on its core mission of enhancing literacy for the citizens of New Orleans. To that end, the Foundation is working in partnership with the NOPLS to develop a flagship initiative to be announced at a later date. The intent is that this initiative will provide dedicated funds from NOPLF to the NOPLS to support a high-impact and sustainable project for the library system, Foundation reps said.

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