New Orleans Plantation Country to Unveil a Fresh Look

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LA PLACE, La. – New Orleans Plantation Country, with the help of Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, unveiled a new brand on Tuesday, Oct. 30. The unveiling, which was held at Lafon Performing Arts Center in Luling, featured a new visitor magazine, website, and message for New Orleans Plantation Country, the brand of the River Parishes Tourist Commission. Details were shared in a press release.

In 2017, the River Parishes Tourist Commission (RPTC) started to take an in-depth look at their official destination brand – New Orleans Plantation Country – and quickly realized the lack of awareness that visitors had for the diversity of activities in the region. After a year-long journey of exploring the region through the lens of a visitor, RPTC found that they were more than a day trip. They were a destination.

“The River Parishes are truly offering the visitor the complete experience,” said Jill Kidder, Louisiana Travel Association president & CEO. “Our visitors don’t see parish lines, but instead seek out unique, well-rounded experiences. With an authentic blend of outdoor attractions, historic tours and, of course, delicious food, New Orleans Plantation Country has something for everyone. The joint marketing effort of the three River Parishes is an excellent model for showcasing how neighboring parishes and municipalities can connect their stories to provide the visitor with a robust itinerary.”

New Orleans Plantation Country is famous for its unique history, agriculture, cuisine, and ecosystem. Influences from Germans, Acadians (Cajuns), French, Spanish, Native Americans and enslaved Africans blend together to create a regional culture – unique to even Louisiana.

Visitors will hear the stories of previous generations through tours of plantation estates as well as explore the swamps to learn of their importance and see the creatures who live in harmony with the locals. They’ll discover Perique, a tobacco which can only be grown in the region and experience Lec Des Allemands, the “Catfish Capital of the World” all before making their way to the heart and soul of the River Parishes by visiting one of the region’s andouille smokehouses.

“New Orleans Plantation Country is vital to our state’s tourism industry,” said Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser. “It’s not just the historic homes that draw so many tourists but also the culture, food, swamps and, of course, the people.  New Orleans Plantation Country is one of the premiere areas of Louisiana where tourists can truly feed their soul.”

Tourism is the purest form of economic development. Visitors spend their money, return home, and leave behind an economic ripple that helps the River Parishes fund projects and better the region’s overall quality of life.

Visitors spent more than $151 million in 2017 in the River Parishes, and 2,310 jobs in the River Parishes were tourism related in 2017. Dollars spent in New Orleans Plantation Country ripple through the communities and fund public safety, schools, roads, and bridges. 

Tourism is Louisiana’s #1 Job Growth Sector, creating opportunities for citizens of the River Parishes to find jobs close to home. Without the tax revenue generated by the travel industry, every Louisiana household would pay $322 more in state taxes.

“The work of the River Parishes Tourist Commission is vital to the economic prosperity of our communities,” said RPTC executive director, Buddy Boe. “The visitors we attract spend money and support local businesses. We look forward to working with the communities and stakeholders to continue to enhance the visitor experience throughout the entire region.”

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