New Orleans Named In 25 Hottest Neighborhoods In America

NEW ORLEANS – Online apartment hunting website Hotspot Rentals recently released a list of its "25 Hottest Neighborhoods in America" and New Orleans made the list. Out of the 25 neighborhoods listed, the Lower Garden District was ranked 21. 

"Exciting urban neighborhoods are as prevalent as ever," the report stated. "Every city has new hotspots, gritty classics and much in between. But how do you quantify the “coolness” of a given neighborhood, beyond what’s simply trendy and hip? How do you compare the vibrant and diverse cultural epicenters of our nation’s most beloved cities?"

The company used data from a multitude of sources, including Yelp and TripAdvisor, to determine "street cred" for the list. The neighborhoods were judged on six different dimensions: walkability, transit, budget, entertainment, lifestyle and weather. 


25 – Midtown, Detroit

24 – Roosevelt Row, Phoenix

23 – Highland Park, Los Angeles

22 – Wicker Park, Chicago

21 – Lower Garden District, New Orleans

20 – Allston-Brighton, Boston

19 – Logan Square, Chicago

18 – Northern Liberties, Philidelphia 

17 – Lower Westheimer, Houston

16 – Lowry Hill East, Minneapolis

15 – Wynwood, Miami

14 – Silver Lake, Los Angeles

13 – Highlands, Denver

12 – Holly, Austin

11 – U District, Washington D.C.

10 – Central East Austin, Austin 

9 – Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta

8 – Shaw, Washington D.C.

7 – North Park, San Diego

6 – Pearl District, Portland

5 – Sunset Park, New York

4 – Capitol Hill, Seattle

3 – Jackson Square, San Francisco

2 – Bushwick, New York City

1 – The Mission, San Francisco


Click here to see the entire list and their rankings


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