New Orleans Named A ‘Most Dynamic’ City In America: Worth Magazine

NEW ORLEANS – Finance and investing publication Worth has named New Orleans one of the “15 Most Dynamic Cities in America.”

         The 15 cities include Atlanta, Charleston, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City. MO, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle.


         Worth’s magazine editors said they selected the 15 most dynamic cities in the country after a “rigorous research and exploratory process that holistically evaluated contenders,” based on these categories:


• Sustainability

• Cultural Offerings

• Entrepreneurial Community and Environment

• Urban Innovation

• Business Climate

• Quality of Life

• Civic Leadership


         “While the cities vary widely,” the editors wrote, “they all share characteristics that render them each desirable.”

         About New Orleans, the magazine wrote, “The Crescent City is harnessing the creativity of the entertainment industry to bolster its entrepreneurial landscape.

         “Django Unchained, Jurassic World and The Big Short are all films that at first glance have little in common. But the surprising factor that connects all three? They were filmed in the streets and on soundstages in New Orleans. Driven by the city, Louisiana has earned the nickname “Hollywood South.” That’s largely due to a generous incentive program for the entertainment industry that was launched by the Louisiana Economic Development Agency in 2002, a time when the city needed help.

         “The incentive program, known as the Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit, helped turn things around. The state lures filmmakers and producers with subsidies of up to 35 percent of a film’s budget, as well as incentives for hiring local crews and engaging with local businesses. Following its early success, the state expanded the program to include other industries Then in 2005, Katrina struck, changing everything. As post-Katrina New Orleans saw an influx of innovative minds in architecture, sustainability, real estate and entrepreneurship, as well as an increase in out of state investments, the entertainment industry became a catalyst for the city’s rebirth. It has spawned new industries, drawn businesses to relocate there and bolstered the city’s already strong tourism industry.”

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