New Orleans Business Alliance Announces New Orleans East Economic Growth Strategy

NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Business Alliance has announced a multi-layered strategy to promote economic and community development for the approximate 85,000 residents in New Orleans East. The Strategy includes promotional messaging designed to reach hundreds of thousands of people, with local- and nationally focused initiatives to drive business growth to one of the state’s most populated communities.

“While the Business Alliance is the economic development organization for the entire city, it’s important to clearly communicate the value of New Orleans East,” said Quentin L. Messer, Jr., president and CEO of the New Orleans Business Alliance. “With numerous available high traffic retail sites, significant local talent and infrastructure, New Orleans East is well-positioned for accelerated economic expansion.”

The promotional component most residents and out-of-state travelers will see is a three-month digital billboard campaign, contracted through Lamar Advertising Company. It is located adjacent to the I-10 High Rise bridge to maximize impressions during high traffic periods. Lamar’s research predicts the rotating messages will result in nearly 300,000 weekly impressions.

“Our targeted campaign says New Orleans East is a great location for successful businesses while showing appreciation for existing business and investments in a positive, fact-based manner,” said Messer.

The outdoor campaign will consist of rotating messages highlighting both economic expansion and the diverse business entities succeeding in New Orleans East. The first round of billboards will highlight specific sectors including advanced manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare and retail.

In addition to the billboard campaign, the Business Alliance is partnering with customer analytics company Buxton to identify retail opportunities, seeking Jazzland redevelopment strategies and exploring opportunity zones as a way to spur growth.


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