Jim Cook

General Manager of Sheraton New Orleans Hotel | New Orleans 500 Close-Up September 2022
Lens 500 Jimcook

Johnson & Wales College (AOS/BS)
Louisiana State University in Shreveport (MBA)


What’s your favorite festival?
Jazz Fest

What’s your favorite “hidden gem” bar, restaurant or business?
Bourrée Cajun Smokehouse on Carrollton Avenue

What’s something exciting on the horizon for your company/organization?
We are in the design phase for a renovation that will change the way our guests interact with our public spaces.

What’s the best advice you’d give to others?
If you believe others are trying to do their best, you will listen better to their perspective and learn along the way.

What do you love about your job?
I get to interact with people who are engaged in all the activities our lives offer. We host people from around the world whose interests vary as much as their personalities. I also love to see people who realize they have skills and potential they didn’t see in themselves until we pushed them a little out of their comfort zone.


Did you know?
Since 2012, Jim Cook has led all aspects of business at Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, a 1,100-room business hotel on Canal Street opened in 1982. The Massachusetts native says he fell in love with “the people, culture and the vibrancy of New Orleans’’ when he arrived in town.


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