New & Notables

Portraits by Greg Miles

Biz July 30


It’s been an unprecedented year for us all — a year full of challenges, but also new opportunities. In our fifth annual class of New & Notables, we honor 12 individuals that have spent the last year taking on the kind of ventures and leadership roles destined to lead our region into a new era.


Newnotable Michael Disimonea


“I think the pandemic has taught us a lot about being focused on being the employer of choice.”

Michael DiSimone
CEO, Link Restaurant Group










Newnotable Dr Stacey Greene

“This [virus] has shed more light on the disproportionality of how minorities are affected by diseases in this country.”

Dr. Stacy Greene
Infectious Disease Lead, DePaul Community
Health Centers









Newnotable Richard Tanzella

“Healthcare has gotten very business-like, but this still feels more like a family.”

Richard Tanzella
CEO, East Jefferson General Hospital









Newnotable Meaghan Moreland Taliancich


“We get to really craft this company and make something special with it from the bottom up.”

Meagen Moreland-Taliancich
Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, Happy Raptor Distilling









Newnotable Louis Lauricella


“I know that if we’re successful at what we do, it’s helping to grow our economy, creating more jobs, more opportunities for people,” he said. “That’s what drives me.”

Louis Lauricella
Managing Member, Lauricella Land Company










Newnotable Dr Calvin Mackie

“The goal is to build the NOCCA of STEM,” Mackie explained. “We can change an entire community.”

Dr. Calvin Mackie
Founder and CEO, STEM NOLA










Newnotable Josh Webb

“For a variety of reasons, the practice of constructing the built world has been slow to take advantage of the technological progress that’s been made in other industries.”

Joshua Webb
Technology and Innovation Leader, Palmisano









Newnotable Christine Briede

“I want to know what are your dreams, what are your visions, and how can the foundation help you.”

Christine Bried
Executive Director, Jefferson Community Foundation










Newnotable Deanna Rodriguez

“We have to provide safe, reliable and affordable power to our customers while addressing climate change.”

Deanna Rodriguez
President and CEO, Entergy New Orleans










Newnotable Greg And Nicole Nixon

“Homeowners and developers need to know if they are facing a stormwater management situation, and so do the professionals like the realtors and appraisers.”

Greg and Nicole Nixon
Owners, Ubuntu Construction









Newnotable Jackie Dadakis

“We are at a unique moment to get serious about the affordability of our housing stock,” she added. “I hope to be part of the solution.”

Jackie Dadakis
President and CEO, Green Coast Enterprises