New & Notable: Camille Sumner

Executive Director | Young Leadership Council (YLC)
Nn Camillekathleensummer

As the new executive director of the Young Leadership Council, Camille Sumner is bringing a fiery passion for community and the greater good to the organization in its 36th year.

“I’m the happiest when I’m involved in the community,” said Sumner, who was hired in March. “I really want to make a change and support people to make their city better. That’s what I’ve been fighting for throughout my life and in all of my jobs.”

The France native originally came to New Orleans to earn a master’s in political science from Tulane University. She fell in love with the city instantly and after four years in Africa helping to develop small companies that support nonprofits, as well as women-led companies, Sumner returned to New Orleans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Her main goal with the local nonprofit organization is urging New Orleanians, especially students, to stay in the city after graduation and use their talents to improve it. The YLC project “Power Ties” is one of Sumner’s main focuses in the coming year. The project introduces middleschoolers to career opportunities and partners with volunteers to teach business etiquette and job preparedness.

Sumner said the YLC has just signed a partnership with the New Orleans Police Department. “The goal of our partnership is to aid NOPD with retention. YLC will do so by immersing NOPD’s young professionals into the New Orleans community through our projects and social events.”

While still very new to the job, Sumner is confident she’s found a good fit.

“When you have passion, you will never regret anything you do,” said Sumner. “You have to try and do your best. If you believe in it, it will always turn out good.”

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