New French Quarter Vintage Store Inspired by City’s History


NEW ORLEANS – Chris and Megan Olsen, operators of the new French Quarter vintage store Vice & Graft, are fascinated by history and antiques — especially anything that originated from their adopted hometown.

“We grew up in the Rust Belt, where a collective history is really what communities are built on,” said Chris Olsen in a press release. “There’s not much else. But about ten years ago we found New Orleans, and the French Quarter has really taken us in. New Orleans is so beautiful in its history, and we want to celebrate that through our shop.” 

The Olsen’s have curated a collection of men’s and women’s clothing and antiques inspired by parts of the city’s history they find most intriguing. In the shop, you’ll find clothing that could have been worn by French Quarter merchants and artists, soldiers who were stationed in the area, or denizens of the city’s Storyville red light district.

“Many of our pieces are what you would have seen people wearing during the prohibition era here in the French Quarter,” said Megan Olsen. “We have flapper dressers and robes, early lingerie, and a lot of post-war wearable pieces.” 

Vice & Graft stocks vintage clothing for all genders and sizes and features antique photos, books and memorabilia. It’s the second French Quarter vintage store that Greg Olsen has opened in less than four months. He also runs Swamp Rags Vintage on St. Louis Street. 

Vice & Graft is located at 927 Royal Street.

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