New and Notables: Randy Baker

Chief Operating Officer | Fidelity Bank

Nn Randybaker

Even though he grew up in a family of doctors, Randy Baker has spent the last 30+ years working in the finance industry. After spending seven years in Kansas City and almost taking a job in San Francisco, a chance meeting brought Baker to New Orleans and the city’s mysterious spirit sealed the deal with Fidelity Bank.

“When I was leaving downtown Fidelity after our meeting, there was a lady I’ve never seen before standing in the corner of our main branch,” said Baker. She came up to me and said, ‘Welcome to New Orleans.’ I asked how she knew I wasn’t from here. ‘Just know.’”

When Baker said he was considering a move to New Orleans, the stranger said, “You will love New Orleans. And I think you’d be a great fit for Fidelity. And you should take this job.”

“I’ve never seen this individual again,” said Baker, who took the woman’s advice as a sign.

For the last year, Baker has made getting to know the community and culture one of his main goals. On the job, his focus lies on workflow analysis efficiencies, increasing technology, coaching and mentoring staff and developing the company’s workforce.

“I can honestly say it is a blast to come to work every day and get to work with such great staff,” he said. “I have been doing this for almost 35 years and I’ve never had the kind of staff that we have here — the support, so open to change, and the ideology of everything we do and the forward thinking.”


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