N.O. Musician Adonis Rose Named Director of Swiss Music Festival

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NEW ORLEANS – JazzAscona, a Swiss music festival, announced that it has named Adonis Rose as its New Orleans music and culture curator. Rose will work with the festival’s management team to increase creative offerings from New Orleans and create cultural exchange opportunities for Swiss musicians in New Orleans.

JazzAscona was founded in 1975 by Swiss trumpeter Hanes Anrig and held in Lugano, Switzerland, before relocating to Ascona in 1985. The New Orleans-themed event attracts more than 45,000 visitors, features more than 200 concerts and hosts numerous jam sessions. The 10-day fest takes place from late June to early July on the Swiss shores of Lake Maggiore.

Rose, through his new company, the FunkyTown Agency, will assume the role of curating the entire New Orleans experience for the Festival, bringing not only New Orleans music but other New Orleans cultural treasures to Switzerland.

“For more than three decades, JazzAscona has had strong ties to the city of New Orleans. I am sure that the collaboration with Adonis will further strengthen this bond and provide many unforgettable musical experiences,” said Guido Casparis, president of JazzAscona.

“It is an honor to join JazzAscona and the amazing team that works for the Festival,” said Rose. “JazzAscona’s commitment to New Orleans music and culture speaks for itself. The festival has great leadership, and its programming is stellar. This partnership will strengthen the relationship between our cities, diversify the Festival musically, and create working opportunities for our artists.”

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