N.O. Journalist Monica Pierre Launches New Media Company 

Monicapierre Headshot 1

NEW ORLEANS  – Emmy award-winning journalist Monica Pierre left her post at Entercom New Orleans, owner of WWL Radio, during the pandemic to launch a media company focusing on “uplifting news and information geared toward empowering women.” Pierre’s productions include “The Powerhouse Woman Show” on YouTube and a series of Monday morning webinars on Facebook. Both are created for anyone at a professional crossroads.

“It’s always easy to stay planted where you are and not take chances,” said the former radio news director and author in a release. “I loved being in the media for so many years, but at some point, you want to change, and it was making that change that became challenging.” 

It wasn’t until the pandemic that Pierre decided to take a chance and launch her own media company, Pierre Principle Communications, focusing on a “positive mindset and uplifting news.”

“One of the reasons I started the ‘The Powerhouse Woman Show’ was due to feedback I would get while doing radio interviews, especially when I was interviewing women,” she said. “They knew deep down they needed a change, but they were frustrated, scared and didn’t know what to do next.”

A little more than a year into her new endeavor, Pierre says she is organically building her audience and is both relieved and very proud to have finally accomplished something she’s been contemplating for far too long. 

“I formulated a plan and started small, and a year later, here I am,” she said. “If my story can encourage others, even a handful of people, then I’ve accomplished more in one year than I thought possible.”

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