N.O. & Company Announces COOLinary Encore, Regional Road Trip Campaign

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NEW ORLEANS – In a Thursday press conference, destination marketing organization New Orleans & Company announced details of three promotional plans aimed at driving business to culture bearers and tourism industry businesses that have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fall Road Trip campaign and COOLinary Encore are designed to stimulate local business for restaurants, hotels and attractions in the months of October and November. Then, in December, Holidays New Orleans Style will encourage family fun and holiday excursions to the city.

“Tourism is responsible for driving $10.5 billion that churns through our economy creating 100,000 jobs and 43% of the city’s operating budget,” said Stephen Perry, New Orleans & Company president and CEO. “As the hospitality industry goes, so goes the city of New Orleans. We absolutely love our city … a city of human beings from so many cultural backgrounds, representing people that live on every street in every neighborhood, and we must get back on our feet financially. If New Orleans & Company is not able to attract and secure additional marketing dollars, the recovery of New Orleans will be greatly slowed down and the most in peril will be the regular working people, musicians, culture bearers and restaurants.”

According to research from the US Travel Association, the travel and tourism industry is suffering around the entire U.S. with tepid progress in recent weeks. Last week, travel spending grew by 5%, resulting in the greatest non-holiday-assisted increase since June. As the City of New Orleans’ largest economic sector, it is crucial to reignite the tourism industry locally.

“Tourism is not a closed system,” said New Orleans & Company chief marketing officer Mark Romig. “The ripple effect of dollars spent in tourism will benefit our community far beyond the restaurants, hotels and attractions – wholesalers, purveyors, beverage companies, delivery companies and linen supply companies are all directly impacted, as well as the New Orleanians who work in all these great establishments and spend their money throughout the city. That’s why our goal with these marketing campaigns is to encourage visitors to come and stimulate business, in a safe way, during these challenging times.”

COOLinary Encore

The restaurant program, COOLinary Encore, is a five-week extension of the annual summer favorite COOLinary, that will run from Oct. 19 through Nov. 22. The campaign has been designed in partnership with local restauranteurs to continue encouraging locals and drive market visitors to support local restaurants during this challenging time. The program will be supported with paid media, including digital and television, earned media and on social media channels throughout the greater New Orleans area. 

Fall Road Trip Campaign

The “Road Trip” campaign will target the regional drive market including key markets such as Jackson, Dallas and Houston. The campaign will leverage New Orleans’ natural appeal as a fall travel destination – amazing weather, seasonal dishes, restaurants and attractions open for business – as well as timely savings opportunities such as hotel deals (currently being solicited from hotel partners) and the COOLinary Encore program. The goal of the campaign is to encourage visitors to come and safely patronize local businesses during these challenging times by highlighting businesses that are currently open and encouraging potential guests to start planning their trip.

Holidays New Orleans Style

Holidays New Orleans Style will continue to take place this December encouraging locals and visitors to dine out, shop and experience festive celebrations and attractions throughout the month of December. New Orleans & Company is currently collecting plans and offers from partners and will formally launch the campaign in late November.

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