N.O. Biotech Company Promotes Promising Results in COVID-19 Fight

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NEW ORLEANS — Biotech company MDR Logix LLC said that additional testing of its lead product, MDR504, has shown positive results in the fight against COVID-19. According to findings published on bioRxiv, a “preprint repository for the biological sciences,” MDR504 has proven to be very effective in an animal model of COVID-19 showing high-efficiency virus neutralization, said the company.

MDR504 is a mutated fusion protein with mutations in the catalytic domain of the ACE2, which abrogates unwanted blood pressure side effects and enhances neutralization of SARS-CoV2 virus. The synthetic protein is “fused to human IgG1 that allows stability in serum as well as excellent bioavailability to lung – the site of viral infection.”

MDR Logix said the study also concluded that the MDR504 therapeutic could serve as a complement to vaccine technology; specifically, for “subjects that may not be good candidates for vaccines such as patients with hematologic or other malignancies, or those that are undergoing immunosuppressive therapy for organ transplantation or autoimmune disease.”

“This significant research shows that MDR504 is the ideal candidate for preventing and treating COVID-19,” said Dr. Ray Chaudhuri, CEO of MDR Logix. “In addition to treating COVID-19, it is our hope that MDR504 can be used for pre- or post-exposure therapy for healthcare workers, first responders, vulnerable populations at high risk and to prevent infection in patients with underlying illness who can’t receive a vaccine.”

MDR504 was developed as a therapeutic strategy to outcompete and block SARS-CoV2 virus entry by Dr. Jay Kolls, John W. Deming Endowed Chair in Internal Medicine at Tulane.


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