My Youngest Daughter’s Next Journey

And then there was one.

On Saturday, May 20, my youngest daughter will graduate from Tulane University with a master’s of architecture. Malayne (pronounced Muh-lane-E) has been working towards this degree through the university’s five-year masters program, and if you ask her, she would say it seems like she put in six years. I have never seen someone work so hard. There were many late nights dedicated to “pin-ups” and “reviews” at one of the most prestigious architecture fast track programs in the country. We are two unbelievably proud parents.

Of all my daughters she is the one we thought for sure would leave the region to adventure to college, the one that wanted to see the world. When she toured Tulane’s architecture school though, she fell in love with the program’s offerings.

Malayne was able to see the world and have a great college experience, living in dorms and an apartment, despite the fact that we live only four blocks from campus. She even spent a semester taking advantage of Tulane’s Rome Study Abroad Program and would spend weekends traveling Europe. She found a way to stay in New Orleans and still explore the world.

Malayne has always had a call to art and she has turned that talent into an impressive degree for a future career.

We are so proud of what she has accomplished, and we know her next chapter will be an exciting one.

Congratulations Malayne – L.U.B.B.B.E.

Todd Matherne


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