MSY’s TSA Provides Behind The Scenes Technology Tour

NEW ORLEANS – Today, June 30, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) will provide local media with a rare behind the scenes look at the technology deployed to screen passengers and their belongings.

         Among the technology machines that will be featured are the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) units, which have automated target recognition software, designed to ensure privacy while facilitating a streamlined checkpoint screening process. This means that the system generates the same generic image for all passengers. The only difference is if a passenger has a possible threat on their person, a yellow box will appear on the screen and show the TSA officer where further screening will be necessary. If no threats are detected, a green “OK” is all that appears on the screen and the passenger can head straight to his or her flight.

         Advanced Imaging Technology is equipped with millimeter wave technology, which uses harmless electromagnetic waves to perform a single scan, airport reps said. The technology meets all known national and international health and safety standards, emitting 10,000 less energy than a cell phone call, airport reps said.

         The TSA works closely with MSY, law enforcement and intelligence community partners to set the standard for excellence in transportation security across the country and in New Orleans, airport reps said.

         Technology featured on the tour will be the Explosive Trace Detection machines, liquid bottle scanners, and the Explosive Detection Systems for checked baggage.

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