Monkey Moves

Editor’s Note

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…at least here in New Orleans. It’s a time when offices are filled with King Cake (so much for those New Year’s resolutions) and water cooler conversations revolve around sharing favorite parading spots and ideas for costumes.

For me, it means it’s time to dance. Along with our tourism columnist and blogger, Jennifer Gibson-Schecter, I am a member of the New Orleans dance group The Organ Grinders. More than 70 women strong, we dance our way through parades all year long. This Carnival, you’ll catch our monkey moves at Pygmalion, Muses and Tucks. Just look for the blue vests and sparkling red fez.

In a city that lives for over the top celebrations, it’s shocking that some of the most incredible costumes of the year have been hidden away from the vast majority of the population in gay Mardi Gras bal masques for 50 years. Thankfully no longer fearful of their lives and livelihoods, these incredible artists are now starting to open up their celebrations to the public. I, for one, will be in search of a ticket.

This month I’d also like to point out a small change in our column section. Due to the downturn in the film industry we have decided to branch out a bit and expand the film column to include topics related to the business of all forms of entertainment.

Finally, it is with deep regret that I share that this is the last issue of Biz that will be created by our Artistic Director, Antoine Passelac. Antoine is off to new adventures in Mexico and South America before relocating to Chicago. He has been an integral part of the magazine since almost day one and a true joy to work with. He will be deeply missed. Bonne chance Antoine!

Happy Reading,

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