‘Modern Masters’ Elevate The Local Cultural Economy

Martin Lawrence Galleries
Salvador Dali's “Le Jugement Dernier” is on view, and on sale, at the Martin Lawrence Gallery in the French Quarter.


It’s a signed and dated Salvador Dalí that fetched $197,000 at auction at Christie’s. Today, you can view and buy the sanguine and pencil on paper drawing, “Le Jugement Dernier,” at the Martin Lawrence Gallery at 433 Royal St.

“Locals and out-of-towners delight in our comprehensive showcase of original paintings, sculpture and limited edition graphics,” said Martin Lawrence Gallery director Mary Coxe. “Royal Street is the French Quarter’s crown jewel in terms of elegance, decorum and culture, which makes it the perfect location for our flagship New Orleans art gallery.”

On display in the French Quarter through Friday, Nov. 30, “Picasso • Chagall • Miró • Dalí” showcases paintings, etchings, linocuts and sculpture produced by some of the most notable modern masters of the 20th century. The more than 80 authentic works currently on display also include art by Deyber, Erté, Haring, Kostabi and Warhol, among others. Reps say the collection is a “world-class exhibition celebrating the spirit and genius of extraordinary artists whose insight and vision produced crowning achievements in modern art and culture.”

According to the most recent New Orleans City Hall report on the city’s cultural economy, the cultural sector is a larger source of employment than the city’s private healthcare and social assistance sector, its private education sector and its retail sector, accounting for 37,800 jobs in the cultural industries and for 14 percent of total employment in New Orleans in 2016.

“The cultural economy has created employment for a creative workforce that is both native to the city and made up of highly skilled newcomers,” said former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, whose administration commissioned the 2016 study that also found a growth of $460 million in total earnings in the cultural industries since 2002.

Pedigreed art on display at the Martin Lawrence Gallery, that generate local sales revenues and jobs, have been loaned to museums all over the world from the Bellagio Gallery in Las Vegas to the Museé Royaux des Beaux Arts in Brussels.

While work from the modern masters could command top dollar, the Martin Lawrence Gallery encourages buyers to buy only what they love.

“Do not buy for financial investment or speculation,” the gallery’s website states. “Given the semantically broad appeal of the word ‘investment’ and the increase in price of many of our past publications, it is understandable that a collector might look for some assessment of the potential for future appreciation in value. However, all Martin Lawrence consultants are instructed to stay completely away from the subject of art as a medium for investment.”

Martin Lawrence Gallery reps also say to buy from established, reputable dealers and request documentation of authenticity.

Founded in 1975, Martin Lawrence Galleries has nine locations nationwide and offers exclusive limited edition and original works by renowned contemporary artists.  

Martin Lawrence Gallery New Orleans is open to the public seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 


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