Mississippi River Commission (MRC) Member Update January 2, 2016

The information below and attachments were provided by the Executive Director of the Mississippi River Commission as a briefing packet for MRC members on the present Mississippi River stage levels.  The good news is that the stage level at Cape Girardeau (Missouri) at River Mile 52 on the Upper Mississippi River has begun to recede allowing for better forecasting of stage level predictions below Cape Girardeau.   


The following is reproduced from MRC update and highlights the possibility of reduced stage levels at New Orleans and includes the potential of the crest at the Carrollton Gauge (New Orleans) being reached after the currently projected date of January 9, 2015.  


"The early and lower crest at Cairo has not yet translated into significant adjustments below Arkansas City, other than the projected crest at New Orleans has shifted from Jan 9 to Jan 12.  We were tracking a potential opening of the Bonnet Carré spillway next weekend, but as of now it looks like any possible use of the structure would be pushed back a few days.  I will keep you posted on that development. Much really depends now on how the forecast develops over the next few days.  A lowering of the forecasted crests on the Arkansas River and the Red River may lead to significant forecast reductions in the New Orleans District area of operations."








































































































Baton Rouge, LA




18 Jan




New Orleans, LA




9 Jan


With Bonnet Carre operation



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