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Pictured from left to right: Sales Manager Roy Forest, Community Development Officer Marina Manzanares, Vice President of Retail Banking Robbin Hardee, President and Chief Executive Officer Ron Samford.

Metairie Bank

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Serving the community for more than 70 years, Metairie Bank understands the true value of a community bank is personal service. Through personal recommendations, expertise, and understanding, they work with customers to help them reach their financial goals and dreams, whether it’s opening a business, purchasing a home or planning for retirement. As a community bank, Metairie Bank offers the best of both worlds: high-tech solutions with a personal touch.



Metairie Bank is dedicated to building better communities by donating time and money to important causes. They’re proud to lend a helping hand to organizations that do so much to make their community a better place to live, work and play. Through a shared vision of growth and value, Metairie Bank cultivates personal connections throughout the community.



Metairie Bank’s purpose is to enrich the communities they serve; they are a rock-solid institution that provides essential services in a community bank atmosphere. Their values are respect, teamwork, commitment, honesty, integrity and service.



Metairie Bank offers financial and volunteer support to a wide variety of local, community-based nonprofits including the mentoring program Each One Save One, Youth Service Bureau, Children’s Hospital, Jefferson SPCA and Jefferson Performing Arts Center. The organizations they support typically fall into a set of categories, which include: education and youth programs, family and community welfare, civic projects, healthcare and human services, performing arts and cultural activities, and recreation and preservation programs.

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Metairie Bank President & CEO Ron Samford at an Each One Save One event, a mentoring program that benefits the New Orleans community.

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