"I love being a member of the Home Builders Association of   Greater New Orleans! I’ve met great people and it has helped build up our business on the South Shore."

– Dave Anderson, Rader’s Insulation



"Si te mudaste a Nueva Orleans y emprendiste tu negocio, como yo, ser miembro de la Asociación de Constructores de Viviendas de Nueva Orleans es el camino a seguir. Mejorarán tus conexiones, negocios y conocimiento."

“If you moved to New Orleans and started your business, like me, being a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans is the way to go; it will improve your connections, business and knowledge.”

– Andrea Mejia, Sensa Design, LLC



"My affiliation with the HBA of GNO has included the roles of builder, developer and real estate broker. The best benefit of membership for me is summed up in one word: relationships. The HBA has developed relationships with local governments, permitting and code offices. Kudos for forging coalitions in the housing industry that help build not just houses, but relationships that make doing business easier."

 – Lynda Nugent Smith, Keller Williams Realty and Gabriel Development