Melissa Lee Named Partner at Marketing Firm Deveney

Melissa Lee Headshot

NEW ORLEANS  – Melissa Lee has been named a partner at Deveney, a marketing firm with locations in New Orleans and West Palm Beach, Fla. She joins the firm’s two partners: Carrie DeVries Pavlick and John Deveney.

Lee has worked with the agency for 18 years in various capacities. She is best known for leading the public relations efforts for Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans for 15 years and her career in broadcast journalism before that.

“Melissa is one of the most remarkable professionals bar none,” said Deveney, agency president and CEO. “She focuses on serving and supporting others, be they clients, colleagues, titans of industry, or students starting their professional journey. Her genuine humility is a lovely counterbalance to her remarkable strength as an expert communication strategist and counselor.”

Melissa joined Deveney in 2005 to help the firm in its role as first responder for communication following hurricanes Katrina and Rita for city and state tourism groups. She returned to her role at Audubon post-hurricane but continued her association with Deveney.

“We recently celebrated 25 years of service and getting settled into our new office in the storied Fine Arts Theatre,” said Pavlick. “Melissa’s elevation to partner comes at a time of significant milestones in Deveney’s growth. … She’s a trusted advisor, team member and mentor.”

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