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Meet Adversity with Action
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Jennie M. Campbell, CMP, CMM, PMP
President / CEO
Stewart Steelwood Investments,
dba “The Stewart Lodges”

Change is inevitable. The decision is yours to not only survive, but to thrive

Social distancing protocols have presented an unprecedented disruption to businesses worldwide, but for The Stewart Lodges and countless others, it’s meant operations have been at a complete stop. The company prides itself on granting businesses a refuge from their busy lives in a setting that earns top marks for rest, relaxation, connection and contemplation. They’re just as eager to open their doors as much as businesses are ready to check in — but before they do, President & CEO Jennie Campbell is set on doing things the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons. To do so, she’s using her years of hard-earned experience and wisdom to inform her every decision.


Are there any lessons you have learned?

Both as business owners and individuals, we are always faced with challenges and adversity. Over the last 30 years, I’ve overcome both personal and professional adversities that initially made me feel hopeless and afraid of the future. Inadvertently, each incident left me with the wisdom and the guidance on how to handle life-changing decisions and situations.

Right now, the best way to move forward is to shift to our analytical minds and simplify the information around us. This is a time for business owners to reposition themselves to streamline  their expenses and make decisions on the infrastructure of their organizations. It’s a time for spending with intent and purpose. Most importantly, it’s a time for being honest with yourselves about any obstacles that lie ahead and communicating openly and honestly with your employees, clients, potential customers and stakeholders.


How have you maintained a sense of company culture?

Our company culture has always been built around a core of trust and integrity. Business is people, and people are business. At the end of the day, the two will always be linked. As a company, we have continued to invest in our people. Whether you’re a business leader or an employee facing adversity, you have the opportunity to rise to the top by having solid integrity. That means doing what you need to do and should do before what you want to do — and doing it when no one is watching.

For our company, that means showing up for ourselves and each other, whether or not we’re together in one room. This has been a time for strengthening our relationships by working together. As a business leader, go the extra mile and give your services back to your employees and the community, especially in areas of need. Show appreciation on all levels. Show patience and kindness in conjunction with strong decisions and leadership.


Right now, the best way to move forward is to shift to our analytical minds and simplify the information around us.

– Jennie Campbell, CEO & President


Do you anticipate your business will change in any way when the community opens back up? If so, how?

Information is power. In this unprecedented situation, it becomes crucial for business owners to constantly evaluate, analyze and act based on the information available in their respective areas. As we reopen, do we see a correlation between business activity and the amount of COVID-19 cases, and if so, is that relationship positive or negative? Depending on what the numbers tell us and how our communities are impacted, we have to be willing to pivot our strategies.

Anticipate that business will change — but do we know how? We can decide right now, definitively, that we will make the most socially responsible decision for both our employees and our clients. We can’t be paralyzed by fear of the unknown. We can, however, balance the impact of managing and mitigating the disease against economic viability until a vaccine is developed, implemented and tested. Moving forward for us is about looking, learning and making responsible decisions accordingly.

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