McNeely Inaugurated as President of University of Holy Cross

NEW ORLEANS Dr. Stanton F. McNeely III was officially inaugurated as President of the University of Holy Cross (UHC) Friday, Dec. 6, in a special ceremony attended by elected officials, university dignitaries, students and religious members.

Dr. McNeely, who began his term as president on July 15, 2019, is a 1995 undergraduate alumnus of the University of Holy Cross and earned a doctorate in Education from Northcentral University. Dr. McNeely became the 19th president in UHC’s 103-year history, succeeding Dr. David M. “Buck” Landry who retired earlier this year. In addition to his doctorate, McNeely earned an MBA from Loyola University. He is a New Orleans native and 1991 graduate of Jesuit High School.

In his inaugural address, McNeely announced ambitious goals for his tenure at UHC including transforming into a Gulf South regional university, engaging in modern distance education practices to reach students near and abroad, and expanding partnerships and engagements with external stakeholders to jointly meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

“We will continue to be the light of example for what is needed in our world and be a beacon of hope and opportunity in this world. We will live the missions of the Marianites and of this University. We will live our Core Values both here on campus and as we increase and expand our engagements in the larger world. We will shine brighter than we have ever before,” said President McNeely in his address.

UHC Board of Trustees Chair Dennise V. Tabony called Dr. McNeely’s inauguration the perfect celebration for the university as it continues to expand its educational programs in high-demand areas and grows the institution’s physical footprint of its New Orleans campus.

“This will be an exciting beginning for UHC and for Stanton who has been endeared to our university community for decades and knows the importance of our mission to educate the minds and hearts of future generations,” said Tabony. “Starting as a college freshman at UHC and working his way up to professor and administrator here over the years uniquely qualifies Stanton to lead this very vital New Orleans institution as it continues its second century of personalized education.”

The 46-year old McNeely previously ran the 10-member statewide independent colleges association and previously served numerous positions at UHC including Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Director of Admissions, Director of Student Affairs, and Assistant to the Dean of Sciences. Dr. McNeely was also a business professor at the University of Holy Cross in the 2000s.

“I am deeply grateful to have been selected by the Board of Trustees to serve as the next president for the University of Holy Cross,” said Dr. McNeely. “I look forward to working with the entire UHC family as we move forward together in faith, spirit, and action to fulfill the missions of the Marianite sisters and the University of Holy Cross.”

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