Mayor Landrieu’s End Of Year Update On 2014 Capital Improvements

NEW ORLEANS – Mayor Mitch Landrieu recorded the 2014 progress in completing construction and breaking ground on new facility and capital improvement projects citywide. In 2014, the City completed twenty-three priority facilities with a total investment of over $88.8 million. Since May 2010, the Landrieu Administration has completed 136 capital improvement projects across New Orleans totaling $223 million.

         “Since taking office, my administration has committed every day to rebuilding New Orleans by prioritizing that our essential public facilities like libraries, community centers, parks, playgrounds, and police and fire stations not just be rebuilt, but built back better than before.” Mayor Landrieu said. “As New Orleans approaches our 300th birthday in 2018, our goal is to build a city for ages and we will not rest until this l recovery reaches every neighborhood across our city.”

         The Mayor’s Committed Projects, prioritized to redevelop public facilities and infrastructure destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, serve as anchors for the community, stimulate private investment, enhance economic development and elevate quality of life and safety for residents. The Landrieu administration has met with FEMA 635 times since May 2010 which has produced $884 million in additional FEMA funding to rebuild and repair public facilities and roads.

         Mayor Landrieu added, “We are maximizing FEMA recovery and other public sector dollars and attracting support from corporate and philanthropic champions that are equally committed to New Orleans’ future. With each completed capital project, our city grows stronger and there is still so much more to look forward to in 2015 and beyond.”




Successes Achieved In 2014


         Twenty-three projects were completed in 2014.

         Total funding investment of these projects was $88.8 million.

         Highlights include the New Orleans Juvenile Justice Center (Youth Study Center) in the St. Bernard area, NORDC Headquarters at Milne Boys Home in Milneburg, the NOPD 5th District Police Station in St. Claude, the New Orleans Museum, the New Orleans Museum of Art Storage Warehouse, the Joseph Bartholomew Club House in Pontchartrain Park, the NOFD Engine 39 in the Lower Ninth Ward, Joe W. Brown Park CDBG Enhancements (West Side) in Read Blvd. East, the NOFD Engine 31 in Lake Catherine and Gernon Brown Recreation Center in City Park.


Looking Forward To 2015


         In 2015, the City is scheduled to begin construction on 20 projects with a total investment of $78.6 million.

         Highlights include the new Sanchez Center and Natatorium in the Lower Ninth Ward, the New Orleans Juvenile Justice Center (Juvenile Justice Complex) in the St. Bernard area, the New Orleans Coroner’s Complex and EMS Headquarters in B.W. Cooper, the Rosenwald Center in B.W. Cooper, the Stallings St. Claude Community Center, the Carrollton Hollygrove Senior Center, the Milne Boys Home Gymnasium in Milneburg, the NOPD Police Stables in City Park and renovations to the NOPD 3rd District Police Station in the Fairgrounds and Latter Library in the Uptown area.


         The following capital improvement projects were completed in 2014:


New Orleans Juvenile Justice Center (Youth Study Center)

District D – St. Bernard Area

Scope: This project scope includes replacement of the Youth Study Center with a capacity for 40 beds and the development of Juvenile Court facilities within a common campus. This center will house various supportive juvenile services.

Total Funding: $32,566,000


Milne Boys Home Phase I

District D – Milneburg

Scope: Hurricane Katrina renovations to this historic Gentilly facility with multiple buildings. Phase I work includes interior demolition, securing and conditioning of the North and South cottages and the administration building.

Total Funding: $9,274,657


NOPD 5th District Police Station

District D – St. Claude

Scope: Construction of a new two story, 16,000 sf police station for the 5th District.

Total Funding: $7,219,052


New Orleans Museum of Art Storage Warehouse

District B – Gert Town

Scope: Renovation of 950 South Rendon St. for secure Art Storage Warehouse for the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Total Funding: $6,706,922


Joseph Bartholomew Club House, Cart Storage and Community Classroom

District D – Pontchartrain Park

Scope: Construction of new 8500 sf clubhouse to include a concessions area, dining and communal space, an administrative office, restrooms, pro-shop, and storage for golf cart and equipment, as well as a computer equipped classroom with seating for 50.

Total Funding: $4,642,959


NOFD Engine 39

District E – Lower Ninth Ward

Scope: Replacement of the two previous facilities with a single three bay, two-story facility at the FEMA approved estimated size of 8,863 sf.

Total Funding: $4,304,677


Joe W. Brown Park CDBG Enhancements (West Side)

District E – Read Blvd. East

Scope: Joe Brown Park is located in New Orleans East along the Read Boulevard corridor between Lake Forrest Blvd. and Dwyer Rd. It is approximately 223 acres and is one of three regional parks operated by the city of New Orleans. Joe Brown has large and diverse natural features offering a broad range of recreational uses including walking, jogging, cycling, fishing, boating, picnicking, ballgames, pet-walking, swimming, tennis and skating. Enhancements to Joe Brown Park renovation projects in New Orleans East include improved entry signage, aesthetic fencing along the perimeter of park, way-finding and signage within the park, improvements to the system of paths and walkways and improved play areas and landscaping.

Total Funding: $4,207,336


NOFD Engine 31 Alba Rd.

District E – Lake Catherine

Scope: Replacement of the previous facility with a two bay, two-story facility at the FEMA approved estimated size of 7,500 sf.

Total Funding: $3,483,797


St. Roch Market

District C – St. Roch

Scope: Repair of the existing 8,600 sf facility to bring it back to a pre-Katrina state. Repairs include roofing replacement, exterior masonry repair and tuck-pointing. Complete restoration of the interior, including but are not limited to the interior floating slab replacement, roof replacement, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems replacement. All of the finishes and flooring in the entire facility have to be replaced. Replacement of storefront doors and windows and interior doors and the replacement of 6 walk in coolers.

Total Funding: $3,380,540


Parks & Parkways Phase III – Multiple Buildings

District D – Dillard

Scope: Repairs, restoration and renovation of administration, annex and tree division buildings. replacement of Head house and Main greenhouse; repair and restoration of remaining two greenhouses, carpenters shed and EMD Building.

Total Funding: $2,795,690


Gallier Hall HVAC Repairs

District B – Central Business District

Scope: Repairs to the HVAC system at Gallier Hall. Alternates include exterior stone repointing, exterior plaster repair and acrylic coating, and window glazing and painting.

Total Funding: $2,681,140


Cemeteries Phase I A – Site Improvements

District s A & B – Citywide

Scope: Repair and reconstruction of masonry walls, roofs and interior repairs, repair or replacement of windows, and fencing repairs to citywide cemetery facilities that include: Carrollton 1&2, Holt, Lafayette 1&2, and Valence.

Total Funding: $2,267,876


Gernon Brown Recreation Center

District A – City Park

Scope: Repairs to an existing NORD gymnasium including a gym space and multipurpose room.

Total Funding: $2,107,080


Criminal District Court Phase I – Roof Repairs

District B – Mid-City

Scope: Complete roof replacement, waterproofing coatings at selected masonry locations, defunct HVAC equipment removal and related repairs.

Total Funding: $1,822,589


Municipal Traffic Court – Flood Proofing

District B – Mid-City

Scope: Exterior flood protection and installation of a floodgate.

Total Funding: $839,552


Florida Avenue Transfer Station

District D – St. Roch

Scope: The scope of work includes the replacement of two push pits, structural repairs and electrical repairs.

Total Funding: $696,040


Municipal Auditorium Phase I A – Permanent Pump Replacement

District C – Treme-Lafitte

Scope: Placement of a permanent sump pump in the Municipal Auditorium basement.

Total Funding: $678,275


NOPD 6th District Police Station

District B – Central City

Scope: The scope of work will include analyzing the HVAC for potential repairs, removing and replacing all air handlers, chillers, controls, dampers and all required components for heating and air conditioning, pipe inspection and repairs, evaluate the condensate, and analyzed the chill water flow and  water treatment in the chiller through the condensate.

Total Funding: $500,231


NOFD Engine 10 Morrison Rd. 

District E – Little Woods

Scope: Renovation of the Morrison Avenue Fire Station No. 10, including equipment bay and living quarters for firemen. Repair damaged sections of roof, replace and elevate condensers, clean and paint doors and provide exhaust fan.

Total Funding: $466,390


NOFD Engine 26 S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy.

District B – Mid-City

Scope: Repairs to engine bay equipment and living quarters. Interior and exterior architectural repairs. Repair of fire alarm system and minor mechanical/ electrical repairs.

Total Funding: $418,602


Cemeteries Phase I B – Cottages

Districts A & B – Citywide

Scope: Repairs to the cottages at Carrollton 1 & 2, Holt, and Valence cemeteries.

Total Funding: $408,732


Di Benedetto Playground

District E – Read Blvd. East

Scope: Playground repairs. CDBG Improvements: New park layout, new playground equipment and park amenities.

Total Funding: $313,735


Impound Lot Cashier Office Upgrades

District B – Central Business District

Scope: New exterior paint, interior flooring, new HVAC system, interior painting and cashiers counter modifications to meet ADA requirement; new ADA ramp and automatic door installation.

Total Funding: $34,612

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