Mayor Landrieu To Address City Council On Relocating Confederate Monuments

NEW ORLEANS – On Thursday, July 9, 2015, Mayor Mitch Landrieu will formally ask the New Orleans City Council to initiate the legal and public hearing processes to relocate four prominent Confederacy-related monuments and to consider replacing them with symbols that reflect the culture, unity, hope and future of New Orleans as the city looks to its 300th anniversary in 2018.

         The four monuments are: General Robert E. Lee Monument, General P.G.T. Beauregard Equestrian Statue, Jefferson Davis Monument and the Liberty Monument (Crescent City White League).

         At noon, the Mayor will call on the City and the City Council to hold public hearings on the issue and solicit comments and recommendations from the City’s Human Relations Commission, the Historic District Landmarks Commission, the chief administrative officer, the City attorney, the superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, and the director of the Department of Property Management. He will also task the City’s Welcome Table initiative to help facilitate discussion.

         During his remarks to the Council, Mayor Landrieu will suggest more details on the process to consider relocating and replacing these monuments. The presentation will also be streamed online on the City Council’s website.

         To watch the live stream




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