Mayor Landrieu Declares New Orleans Homeless Women And Children Awareness Day

NEW ORLEANS – In response to the growing number of homeless women and children in New Orleans served by the New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter, the Shelter worked in conjunction with Mayor Landrieu’s office and the City Council to declare Tuesday, Nov. 15, Homeless Women and Children Awareness Day in New Orleans.

         The New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter is the largest shelter for homeless women and children in New Orleans, with a mission to transition homeless families to sustainable and independent living, Shelter reps said.

         Since its inception in 2007, the Shelter has helped more than 1,200 homeless women and children transition from living on the street to safe, affordable housing. An average of 88 percent of the families served by the New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter transitioned to independence and stability. The Shelter continues to stay filled to capacity. A large majority (95 percent) of the children at the shelter are under the age of 10. Recognizing the needs of every child, the Shelter has implemented a comprehensive children’s case management program and after-school education and enrichment program.

         Homelessness among women and children is an epidemic in the community, Shelter reps said. Nearly half of the children that live in New Orleans live in poverty. A large majority of them live on the edge of homelessness. Now in its 10th year of operation, the New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter has grown to a be a key service provider on this issue.

         According to Dawn Bradley-Fletcher, executive director of the New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter, “The need is great, there are thousands of people who do not have a place to live, and hundreds of them are children.”

         "With the startling number of families living in poverty in Greater New Orleans, there is an increasing effort by public officials as well as intergovernmental agencies and local shelters to come together to address poverty and homelessness in the city," Shelter reps said.

          “Beyond the programs that the New Orleans Women and Children’s Shelter already provides, our leaders are at the forefront of the broad-based community effort to develop even more resources to address the ongoing needs.” said Dan Silverman, president of the New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter. “Expanding services for even more women, children and families remains our primary objective.”

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