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“I help entrepreneurs get everything they want from their business.”

Matt Hahne has a simple mission: “I help entrepreneurs get everything they want from their business,” he says.

The Owner of WestWind Coaching Co., Matt is a Professional EOS Implementer®. He uses the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to help business owners get their time back while improving the organization’s accountability, discipline, and focus. Passionate and enthusiastic, Matt uses his insights from over 35 years in local businesses—including four of his own—to build companies stronger.

“When everyone in the organization is crystal clear on your vision, executing that vision with more discipline and accountability, and advancing as a healthy, cohesive team—that’s not a dream,” says Matt. “That’s a very realistic goal for every business.”

A serial entrepreneur since the age of seven, Matt is locally known for solving crisis problems in the maritime industry and as a U.S. Navy Reservist.

WestWind Coaching Co. recently joined the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce because its goal aligns with his: help the small businesses of our region.

“Entrepreneurial, family, and small businesses are the lifeblood of South Louisiana,” he says. “So many companies are trying to navigate the tricky transition from one generation to the next—I want to help with that in order to keep that lifeblood flowing.”

In addition to membership in the Chamber, Matt belongs to numerous veterans’ and maritime associations. He co-founded the Louisiana Financial Executive Group and is launching Visionary and Integrator peer groups this month.

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