Mandeville City Councilman Danielson Denounces Anonymous Political Letter

MANDEVILLE, LA – Mandeville City Councilman Rick Danielson said anonymous letters being circulated that attack his opponent for Mayor of Mandeville and the previous mayor are not the work of his campaign, and called on whoever is responsible to stop issuing anonymous attacks.

         "Sunday night, I received an email from a resident who had received an anonymous letter signed by 'a neighbor' that they described as 'harassing, insulting, and invasive,'" Danielson said.  "While I have not seen the letter in question, I have since heard second-hand that other families received such a letter.”

         "My campaign had nothing to do with this item," Danielson said. "All our campaign materials contain the proper and legal disclaimer, 'paid for by the Rick Danielson Campaign,' and I do not resort to anonymous attacks, by mail or any other method. I want whoever is behind these letters to step up and claim responsibility, and I want the people of Mandeville to know they can always expect legal and ethical conduct from me – both as an elected official and a candidate for mayor."



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