Making Cars Smarter – Verizon Debuts Hum

NEW ORLEANS – Flat tire? Blinking engine light? Lost car? Dead battery? Empty gas tank?

         Verizon is debuting a new product called hum that adds new car technology to almost any car, so users can transform their vehicles into smarter, safer and more connected cars. Verizon reps said hum helps users prevent breakdowns, save money, protect families on the road, transmit vehicle health diagnostics and offer access to 24/7 roadside assistance.

         Plus, they said their fully-connected mobile hum app puts all these services in the palm of user’s hands.

         Verizon reps said with the stolen vehicle location assistance feature, hum can send a stolen car’s location to local law enforcement. And for those who have difficulty remembering where they parked, hum allows drivers to easily locate their parked car and set reminders to feed the parking meter.

         There’s also a speed and boundary alert function that allows users to track how other drivers are operating their vehicle.

         Additionally, a Bluetooth speaker clipped onto the visor instantly connects to emergency or mechanic help, offering a mechanics expert that can serve up a cost estimate with the touch of a button. Once paired with a vehicle, the mobile app provides drivers with useful stats like fuel efficiency, as well as other easy-to-understand diagnostic updates.

         Verizon reps said hum costs $14.99/ month for a two-year contract, including hardware ($12.99/ month for each additional car, can add up to 3).

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