Lyft Unveils New Driver Rewards Program in New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS – The ride sharing service, Lyft, has launched Lyft Rewards — an inclusive loyalty program for New Orleans.

According to a press release, Lyft Rewards aims to provide New Orleans drivers with a new, simplified way to increase take-home pay and improve their experiences on the road. The company created this loyalty program for both part-time and full-time drivers, basing rewards on earnings not trips, and focusing on the rewards drivers feel are most valuable to them.

Lyft Rewards will initially launch in 11 cities, including New Orleans. Each city will have a uniquely designed points-based program based on the market’s busy hours. Rewards is just one of the many programs and products to make Lyft work for drivers. Depending on qualifications, Lyft Rewards benefits can include:

  • The opportunity to redeem points for cash bonuses and/or Lyft Rider Credits
  • A feature to see trip Information before accepting a ride, including cardinal direction and estimated trip duration
  • AT&T phone plan discounts
  • Free 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • Free Turbo-Tax Self Employed

This program rewards the company’s best drivers and marks a big step in making Lyft work by providing them with:

  • Confidence in increased earnings (exchange for Lyft Cash)
  • Lowering overall costs (Gas savings, Turbo-tax, Phone plans, Roadside Assistance)
  • Control during their time on the road (destination on accept)

Drivers will have access to Lyft Direct, a bank account designed for driver’s needs with no fees, linked to a debit card, where they can instantly access earnings and receive cash back on specific purchases; and Openbay, an online network of auto repair and service centers – including independently-owned local shops and national auto service chains. With this partnership, Lyft will provide drivers exclusive discounts toward services such as oil changes and brake pads.

“We’re always working to better support our driver community and improve their experience,” said Eli Ackerman, Lyft Louisiana manager. “After carefully listening to drivers, we created Lyft Rewards to make it even simpler for them to earn more money and reduce expenses.”


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