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New record set at Armstrong airport

One of the few, if not only, airports in the country that greets you with the sound of live jazz at the baggage claim, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport announced a new record number of passengers served in a single month.

In May 2016, the Airport served over 1 million passengers, representing a 10.6 percent increase in total enplanements compared to May 2015.

Terminal improvements made in preparation of Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, as well as securing new airlines and itineraries, have helped spur the increase.

The Airport attributes its latest success to the growing list of destinations travelers can access via New Orleans. In April, five new destinations were added and airlines including GLO, Jet Blue, Spirit, Allegiant and Frontier increased connectivity and itinerary options. Once the new direct flight to Germany on Condor begins, the Airport can boast a record high of 54 non-stop destinations on 15 airlines.

"The Airport has experienced continuous growth since 2010. Last year, the Airport had a record breaking year with over 10.6 million passengers traveling through the Airport,” said New Orleans Aviation Board chairwoman, Cheryl Teamer. "We are excited to see this upward trend continue as we strive to reach new record highs.”

Those record highs signify not only increased connecting flights, but increases in business and personal travel with New Orleans as the destination.

"New Orleans is more accessible than ever before. With more non-stop flights operating from the Airport, passengers from all over the country are able to visit our city with more ease than ever,” said New Orleans Councilman Jared Brossett, chair of the Transportation and Aviation Committee.

"Air travel is being redefined as the way to travel. With the emergence of low cost carriers, more people are able to afford flying,” said Iftikhar Ahmad, director of aviation for Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. "This, along with the addition of several new destinations this year, has contributed to the significant growth of travel at the Airport.”

Another boon for travelers, the Airport was found to be one of the most affordable airports to fly to and from by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Based on average air fares, the Airport has an average air fare of $360. The $360 fare consists of domestic round-trip fares, and includes taxes and fees. The top five most expensive airports were all above the $500 mark.

With construction underway at its North Terminal project, including some aspects that are even ahead of schedule, the Airport is on course to continue to grow its service numbers.



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