Lt. Gov. Nungesser Meets With Stakeholders For State Of Louisiana Seafood Industry Tour

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser

BATON ROUGE – On Tuesday, Oct. 18, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser addressed state legislators, seafood industry workers and Louisiana citizens during the 2016 State of Louisiana Seafood Industry report, which was part of a day-long industry tour of seafood processors and facilities throughout south Louisiana. In his report, Nungesser announced new marketing initiatives at Avery Island, home of TABASCO®, and efforts to partner with the LSU AgCenter on the formation of a seafood industry incubator to support innovation in this vital homegrown industry.

         “Seafood has a long, rich history in Louisiana, but the industry is being threatened,” Nungesser said. “Only 10 percent of the seafood consumed in the U.S. is domestic, and many of those imports contain antibiotics or other chemicals banned by the FDA. I encourage consumers to support our local fishermen. Look for Country of Origin labels by flipping to see where your seafood is coming from.”

         The State of Louisiana Seafood Industry Tour made its first stop at McGee’s Landing in Henderson, LA, where Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette, LSPMB board members and Representative Huval discussed federal regulations possibly impacting the exportation of crawfish and flood protection measures needed to protect the assets in the Atchafalaya Basin. Next, attendees visited Delcambre Dock, where Lt. Gov. Nungesser met with local shrimpers and other fishermen to learn about the Delcambre Direct program, which connects consumers directly with fishermen to purchase fresh Louisiana seafood at the dock. The Lt. Gov. and seafood industry members were transported by boat to Avery Island.

         The highlight of the Industry Tour took place at TABASCO® on Avery Island, where Lt. Gov. Nungesser presented the 2016 State of Louisiana Seafood Industry report alongside Sen. Norbert “Norby” Chabert, TABASCO® CEO Tony Simmons, and dozens of others. In the report, Nungesser noted that there is an onslaught of foreign product coming by ship to our shores causing a change in the industry. Nungesser also stated that imports are not held to the same standards as domestic, so know better and eat better. Simmons applauded the past partnerships between his company and the seafood industry and hopes to forge new partnerships with Louisiana Seafood.

         “As the grandson of a commercial fisherman, I grew up around the waters of our coast and was happy to join the Lt. Gov. today in his State of the Industry tour,” said Sen. Norbert “Norby” Chabert. “Our state is as much about seafood as anything else because it represents the best of our culture – natural beauty, bountiful fishing grounds, and hard-working people.”

         Following the State of the Louisiana Seafood Industry address, the tour continued to AmeriPure Oysters in Franklin, LA, where the Lt. Gov. met with LSPMB Board members to discuss the process undertaken to increase the public’s positive perception of Louisiana oysters and the current impacts of the flood on the recent reduced landings impacted by the flood. Lastly, Lt. Gov. Nungesser visited Bayou Barataria in Lafitte and enjoyed fresh cooked products showcasing the facilities capabilities to add value to Louisiana’s abundant natural resource which increases the market price.

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