LSU Health Foundation Brings Skilled Nursing Facility to LSU Health Campus

Lsuhealth 1NEW ORLEANS – The LSU Health Foundation New Orleans has announced a public-private partnership designed to offer affordable nursing care to seniors in addition to employment and learning opportunities for LSU Heath students.

According to Matt Altier, president and CEO of the LSU Health Foundation, the deal establishes a two- year licensed skilled nursing facility on the LSU Health campus in Stanislaus Hall. The Foundation’s new partner, a member of the St. Margaret’s family of nursing care providers, will open an interim location on several of the floors of the historic building starting in November 2021.

LSU Health students and faculty will be offered part-time employment opportunities through the skilled nursing center which typically hires between 80 and 150 caregivers, physical therapists, doctors and nurses at each of their locations. The Foundation plans to work with the University to allow LSU Health students to earn credit while gaining real-life, on-the-job training in geriatric care and serving community health needs.

“The St. Margaret’s family is excited at the opportunities this collaboration will provide for our residents and care providers,” said Larry Stansberry, president/CEO of the St. Margaret’s Family. “The partnership will allow us to continue our mission of advancing quality senior care by providing compassionate, dedicated, top-level services in a comfortable, secure, living environment. The new Stanislaus community will be one of only a handful of nursing homes state-wide to offer 100% private resident rooms to Medicaid and Medicare participants. We look forward to providing enhanced senior living care and welcome the tremendous benefits that the academic and clinical program collaborations of this LSU partnership will bring to our residents, care providers and the local community.”

Some of the students who wish to take employment with the new partner will be offered the opportunity to live in one of the student housing-oriented floors of the building while working there and studying at the school. There are 20 rooms available for those students who want to take advantage of this offer.

“This is yet another wonderful example of an innovative foundation partnership that ties the University and its students to a private healthcare partner, one who is caring for an aging population and willing to help train our future healthcare providers in geriatric care,” said Altier. “With the retirement of the millions of Baby Boomers, geriatric care will become the fastest growing healthcare need for the coming decades.”

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