Loyola Online Programs Earn Praise From U.S. News and World Report

NEW ORLEANS – U.S. News and World Report released annual rankings that place the online programs of Loyola University New Orleans among the nation’s best, with several falling among the top 50. Loyola received the following rankings:

  • Best Online Graduate Program in Criminology and Justice – No. 33 (unranked in 2019)
  • Best Online Graduate Nursing program – No. 41 in the U.S., up one spot from No. 42 in 2019
  • Tied at No. 9 for Master’s of Nursing – Nursing Education, new in 202
  • Tied at No. 12 for Master’s of Nursing – Nursing Leadership, new in 2020
  • Best Online Undergraduate Programs – No. 143 in the U.S., up 16 spots from No. 159 in 2019
  • Best Online MBA Programs – No. 208, up seven spots from being tied at No. 215-284 in 2019
  • Best Online Master’s in Education – No. 223

Loyola currently has more than 800 students enrolled full-time through online programs and offers more than 20 online degree programs at the undergraduate level, as well as online master’s and doctoral programs. An online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is aimed at the 72,000 busy adults and working professionals in the greater New Orleans area who are seeking to complete their degrees.

“Our online programs are a way for students to enjoy a Jesuit education from Loyola New Orleans, whether they are seeking to complete their undergraduate degrees or advance their careers through continued study,” said Loyola Senior Vice President for Enrollment, Student Affairs and Marketing Sarah Kelly.  “We’re excited to see our programs recognized on a national level.”

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