Louisiana Sends Emergency Response Teams To The Carolinas


BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana is sending nearly 100 emergency personnel to the Carolinas ahead of Hurricane Florence's landfall.

The state emergency preparedness office announced Tuesday that Louisiana will help support North Carolina's and South Carolina's storm response efforts.

Emergency workers from the New Orleans Fire Department are heading to North Carolina. The Louisiana fire marshal's office is sending a water-rescue team and an urban search-and-rescue team to South Carolina, along with other emergency workers.

Louisiana's emergency preparedness office says other agencies are working to fill additional Florence-related requests as well, because of their extensive experience dealing with storms.

The assistance, for which Louisiana will be reimbursed, is coordinated through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact system.

Aid to the Carolinas comes as Louisiana officials are monitoring tropical threats that could impact their own state.

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