Louisiana Realtors Encourage Landlords to Apply for Rental Assistance

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BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Realtors, a member-based trade association for the state’s real estate industry, said it strongly encourages landlords to apply for rental assistance through Louisiana’s U.S. Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The organization lobbied Congress for this relief to ensure that landlords receive the financial assistance necessary to maintain their obligations and house tenants throughout the CDC eviction moratorium. 

Louisiana was allocated $300 million through the U.S. Treasury’s Emergency Relief Assistance Program to accomplish both of these goals. This program is being administered by the Louisiana Housing Corporation in partnership with the Louisiana Office of Community Development in 57 parishes. The state’s larger parishes are administering their own programs.

“More than 40% of rental units are owned by small mom-and-pop owners who rely on rental income to both meet their rental property obligations and to make ends meet for their families,” said Norman Morris, CEO of Louisiana Realtors.  “The rental assistance provided by this program will help these small businesses pay their mortgages, taxes, insurance and worker salaries, and keep people safely housed. Without financial assistance, these small businesses are at risk of defaulting on loans which can lead to foreclosures.”

To learn more or to apply for Louisiana’s U.S. Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance Program, tenants and landlords can visit www.LAStateRent.com or call (877) 459-6555.


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