Louisiana Medicaid Awards $673,000 to 2 Universities

Researcher Group
LDH Secretary Dr. Courtney Phillips (second from left) meets with researchers participating in the PUPP program. From left to right: San Chu and Dr. Ronald Horswell of Pennington; Dr. Peggy Honore of LSU Health Sciences Center; and Dr. Gang Hu of Pennington.

BATON ROUGE (press release) — Louisiana Medicaid is awarding more than $673,000 in federal dollars to the LSU Health Sciences Center and Pennington Biomedical Research Center to conduct research on covered Medicaid priorities over a two-year period.  

Findings from the research projects will guide policy-making and promote innovation and new approaches to address Medicaid priorities. These priorities include improving maternal and neonatal outcomes, improving early childhood health and development, reducing deaths and illness with a focus on preventive care, improving mental health and substance use outcomes, and improving health equity. 

The awards are part of the Louisiana Department of Health’s (LDH) inaugural Public University Partnership Program (PUPP). Forging new strategic partnerships with Louisiana’s public universities and colleges is a key initiative in the Fiscal Year 2022 LDH Business Plan.

“Leveraging the expertise of public universities and colleges to inform Louisiana Medicaid policy and program operations will help LDH better understand and improve the outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of covered services,” said LDH Secretary Dr. Courtney N. Phillips. “In turn, the public universities and colleges benefit from a partnership with LDH through federal funding, new opportunities for students and junior researchers, and access to real-world data to maximize the impact of their research.”

Louisiana joins 25 other states that have similar research funding opportunities for universities. The research projects will cover pressing health issues including opioid use disorder (OUD) and diabetes.

“This outstanding partnership between LSU Health-New Orleans’ Center for Healthcare Value and Equity and the Louisiana Department of Health will inform evidence-based policy solutions and advances in access to high quality of care for Medicaid members,” said said LSU Health Sciences Center’s Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine Dr. Benjamin Springgate. “Our PROUD project (Promoting Resilience among Medicaid Members with Opioid Use Disorder) will foster new approaches to tackle the opioid epidemic in Louisiana – one of the state’s and nation’s most urgent priorities for population health and health equity.”

The federal funding provides up to a 50% match to money from partnering universities’ Certified Public Expenditures.

PUPP’s next Notice of Funding Opportunity is open now until Aug. 15.

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