Louisiana Iris Makes a Comeback in Grand Isle’s Nature Conservancy

Photo courtesy of the Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative

GRAND ISLE, La. – The Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative planted over 500 Louisiana Irises on the Nature Conservancy’s Lafitte Woods Preserve nature trail.

The LICI organized the iris restoration project with the Grand Isle Nature Conservancy, the Grand Isle Garden Club and the Town of Grand Isle. Volunteers planted a large blue species of Louisiana iris that serves as Louisiana’s state wildflower along the trail and boardwalk in the Nature Conservancy’s Lafitte Woods Preserve to replace invasive species. Volunteers included members of the Native Plant Initiative, Grand Isle Garden Club, Terrebonne Parish Bird Club and members of the LICI.

“On behalf of the Nature Conservancy, I would like to say how much these plantings of native Giant Blue LouisianaIrises adds to the beauty and ecology of the Nature Conservancy’s Grand Isle Lafitte Woods Preserve nature trail. The Grilletta Tract, where the irises have been planted, is an integral part of the storm water runoff drainage system of the island.  These beautiful plants will help to clean the drainage waters of pollutants before the water reaches the bay, thus making the waters where we swim, catch fish, crabs and shrimp that much healthier,” said Jean Landry, director of the Grand Isle Nature Conservancy.   “The blooms of the native iris will also enhance the experience of birding and enjoying a walk through this important maritime forest for years to come.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have made it a reality.”

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