Louisiana Has $900M Waiting to Be Claimed by Residents

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BATON ROUGE (AP) — The state of Louisiana currently has $900 million waiting to be claimed by its residents.

Kathleen Lobell runs the state’s Unclaimed Property division, and she is trying to get that money back into the hands of Louisianans.

“Some of the amounts in our system are quite large. We payout six-figure claims all the time. We’ve had claims over a million dollars. We also pay out a lot of small amounts,” Lobell said Monday.

Unclaimed property can be anything from forgotten bank accounts, utility deposit refunds, wages, and life insurance money.

The process to claim the funds is easy. Just go to https://lacashclaim.org/

That is why State Treasurer John Schroder wants people to check.

“We encourage people to go check this. There’s a lot of money in the Baton Rouge Region. It’s the second-highest in the whole state,” Schroder told WBRZ-TV in an interview.

Last fiscal year, the state paid around $71 million back. Lobell recommends that residents check the website once a year. She says you may be surprised at what you find.

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